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KLBC Activities Report for May and June 2013

7 May 2013 PDC Seminar on An Introduction to Construction Law Choon Hon Leng from Messrs Raja, Darryl & Loh presented the seminar which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 3:00 pm on 7 May 2013. The seminar was attended by 73 participants. The seminar covered the following areas, "The Players", "The Structure", "The Jargons and the Law", "Preparing a Construction Contract", "Resolving Construction Disputes" and "The Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012". 8 May 2013 Pupils Workshop on Civil Litigation The KL Bar Pupils Welfare Committee organised a civil litigation workshop specifically for pupils on 8 May 2013 by Colin Andrew Pereira and Sanjeev Kumar Rasiah focusing primarily on the practical aspects of handling a civil brief covering the following areas, "Opinion Writing Exercise", "Drafting of Pleadings Exercise", and "Presenting a Case in C

The Luncheon - A Taste of The Bar II

   Spearheaded by the Kuala Lumpur Bar Pupils Welfare Committee (“KLPWC”) of this term, the Kuala Lumpur Bar Young Lawyers Committee (“KLYLC”) and KLPWC organised a meet and greet informal lunch event dubbed “The Luncheon: A Taste of the Bar II” at The Smokehouse Restaurant, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar on Saturday, 22.06.2013 from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm (“the Luncheon”). The Luncheon provided an excellent platform and avenue for budding lawyers and pupils-in-chambers to dine with the senior members of the Bar. The Luncheon saw a total number of 42 members of the Bar attending the event as participants, being young lawyers and pupils-in-chambers, senior members of the Bar and KLPWC members. Indeed, the younger members of the Bar were humbled by the gracious gestures from the senior members of the Bar who took time off to attend the Luncheon. The senior members who attended were:- 1. Tommy Thomas, Partner at Tommy Thomas; 2. Theresa Chong, Head of Corporate Division at Skrine;

A Back-to-Back Mid-Season for the KLBarBarians

On the brink of celebrating our 2nd birthday, the KLBarBarians spent 6 arduous months training leading up to these 2 mid-season back-to-back competitions. A much smaller affair this year, the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2013 showcased 17 teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. For the KLBarBarians, aside from the challenge of racing against international teams, races in Penang always bring along the additional motivation of good food. Upon arrival at the Teluk Bahang Dam, it was clear that the dam had undergone a slight safety makeover. There were significantly higher police, fire brigade and ambulance presence along with steel fences which had been erected all around the dam. Sporting a new steerer at the helm once again, the team suffered several hiccups at the start of the 200m races – strong winds posed difficulty in parking the boat. It also caused us to veer off course and collide with other teams, thankfully without affecting their ch

REPORT: KL Bar Futsal Competition 2013

This inaugural Futsal Competition was held on 8 June 2013 at Allrounder Indoor Soccer Centre, Petaling Jaya. The competition, which was open to members of the Malaysian Bar and pupils-in-chambers only, was intended to be an annual one. 16 teams registered for the men’s category and 2 teams for ladies. The State Bars of Kelantan, Terengganu and Malacca took part and by pure coincidence ended up in the same group after the pre-games draw. There was a good mix of young and more senior players. The mens section saw competitive action but fair play and camaraderie overall. Good skills and teamwork were shown particularly by Strubbles FC, Kelantan Bar and Enjoi. Kelantan Bar beat Strubbles FC in the semi-finals after an exciting match, coming back from 2-4 down to win on penalties. The final was a tight affair with Kelantan Bar edging Enjoi after both teams played their hearts out. The 2 ladies’ teams played 2 matches against each other for a winner by aggregate sco