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KLBC Activities Report For November 2022

1 to 7 November 2022 BCLACKL Pupil’s Midterm Review Batch 111/2022 Organised by the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre (Kuala Lumpur) (“BCLACKL”), the Mid Term Review (MTR) for Batch 111/2022 was conducted by the respective project heads.  Pupils are given the opportunity to raise issues and express suggestions to improve the  programs for the next 7 weeks. The MTR for these programs were conducted physically  and via Zoom. The representatives from the respective NGO partners also participated  in the MTR to give their feedback.   3 November 2022   Women In Leadership: The Unseen Barriers & Rising Above Them Organised by the Gender Equality & Diversity Committee, this Seminar was held at the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) Sapphire Room from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. The speakers were Anne Rajasaikaran, Freda Liu and Suriani Kempe. The event was moderated by Thulasy Suppiah and emceed by Vilasini Vijandran. We had a total of 60 participants, 10 more than the initial maximum al