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Flowchart of the e-filing system

1st KL Bar Young Lawyers Committee Meeting of 2011/2012

19 March 2011, Saturday – The Kuala Lumpur Bar Young Lawyers Committee (“KLYLC”) held their first meeting for the term 2011/2012 at the KL Bar Auditorium. Despite an unusual cold and rainy Saturday morning (an ideal condition to sleep in), the meeting nonetheless attracted approximately 70 very excited, enthusiastic and energetic young lawyers including one who was only in her 6 th day of pupillage! After some light refreshments which included coffee and sandwiches, the meeting began with a brief welcome address by Chair of the Committee, Kenneth Wong Poh Lim followed by an ice-breaker session led by Yohendra Nadarajan and Deputy Chair of the Committee, Daniel Albert. The pink KL YLC T-shirt was made into a “ball” and tossed around between members, whereby he/she gives a brief introduction and to say something special about themselves if they caught the ‘ball’. The KLYLC is indeed very special as we had a Spanish dancer, a Rabbit, plenty of rowdy football fans and one who claims he

Earth Hour 2011 on 26.03.2011 @ 8.30pm

Dear KL Bar Members and Pupils-In-Chambers, The KL Bar Environmental and Humanities Committee would like to remind members of the Bar, pupils, family and friends to support this annual global event which started in Sydney in 2007 known as Earth Hour. This Saturday, 26 March 2011 at 8.30pm let us switch off our lights and shut down as many electrical equipment as possible and be one with the global movement for at least an hour. We urged you to contemplate the future of our planet by starting to take those little steps to reduce our personal carbon footprint – reduce, reuse and recycle. For further information on the Earth Hour, please visit Warm regards, Roger Chan Weng Keng Chairperson Environmental and Humanities Committee

1st KL Bar Young Lawyers Committee Meeting

We are just 3 days away….. From our very own first KLYLC Meeting this Saturday, 19 March 2011 (10.30am @ KL Bar Auditorium - casual wear)! Why you WOULD want to attend - - We will be unveiling our KL YLC Retreat 2011, which will be happening on April 16-17 (details would only be revealed this Saturday and spaces are limited!!) and there's a secret catch for it. Come for the meeting this Saturday and we will let you know! - We have invited (mysterious) 'passionate' members of the Bar to share with us some stuff. Why you SHOULD attend - - A brand NEW YLC structure would be unveiled and new units under the KLYLC would be revealed too! - The visions of KLYLC would be presented as well Why you MUST attend - - We need each of you guys to help out in carrying out those proposed programmes - YLC need fresh faces with fresh ideas. It's our committee, not mine, not anyone - but OURS. If you are interested to join us, kindly email Melissa at

UPDATE NO. 2 : Implementation of the E-Filing System in KL Courts

The two main items we are working on after the meeting on Monday are: (a) The EFS Online portal application process . We have informed the service provider that a more user-friendly explanation and illustration of how to apply for and use the EFS Online portal must be prepared for the benefit of members. We have met up again with Formis and SCAN Associates Berhad and we have gone through some of the steps on how to simplify and clarify the process of application for members. We will meet up again with SCAN Associates Berhad next Monday, at which time they have informed us that they would have reviewed the materials and come up with a more user-friendly guide or step by step manual and they will look into placing all application forms, guides, etc on the E-filing website. (b) Internet banking for payment of filing fees - a crucial part of the E-Filing system using the EFS Online portal is payment of filing fees online. Presently what is envisaged is payment using e-banking or int

Updates on the Implementation of the E-Filing System

Further to the report on the implementation of the e-filing system published on 08 March 2011, kindly take note of the following updates: 1) Briefing sessions There will now be two (2) briefing sessions every Tuesday and Thursdays , at 3.00pm and 4.00pm respectively. The venue of the briefings has been moved from Level 7 to Bilik Anggerik at Level 6. 2) Roaming IDs The cost of purchasing a Roaming ID from MSC Sdn. Bhd. is RM40.00 per year and not RM50.00 per year as previously reported. 3) Manual counters for cases filed prior to 01.03.2011 The manual counter for cases filed before 1.3.2011 is Counter 12 located at Level 1. 4) Enquiries/extraction of draft Orders For enquiries and extraction of draft Orders for cases filed before 2010, kindly proceed to the Civil Counter at Level B1. For enquiries and extractions of draft Order for cases filed in 2010 and later, kindly proceed to Counter 12 at Level


By BC Circular 045/2011 dated 2 March 2011, members of the Bar were informed of the implementation of the e-filing system in the Kuala Lumpur Courts (see ). On 7 March 2011, a meeting was arranged with the Judiciary and Formis Software & Technologies Sdn Bhd (the Service Provider) and was attended by the Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Bar, the Chairman of the Selangor Bar and members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee. The meeting was also attended by the Vice President and Secretary of the Malaysian Bar. We set out below in brief the matters discussed and clarification sought and obtained at the said meeting. Some matters remain unresolved and we hope to continue to update members with further developments. 1. Which courts have implemented the e-filing system? Kuala Lumpur Magistrates Court (Civil), Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court (Civil), Kuala Lumpur High Court (Civil / Commercial / Family / Bankrupt