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KLBC Activities Report for April 2016

1 April 2016 PDC Seminar on Bankruptcy: Law and Practice Organised by the KLBC Professional Development Committee (PDC), this seminar was presented by Lua Ai Siew on 1 April 2016 at the KL Bar Auditorium from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The seminar was attended by 64 participants. The scope of the seminar was as follows: "Commencing Bankruptcy Proceedings - S 6(3) Of Limitation Act 1953 Vs. ROC 46 Rule 2(1)(A). Dr Shamsul Bahar Bin Abdul Kadir Vs RHB Bank Berhad [2015]4 MLJ 1 (FC)"; "Bankruptcy Notice (BN), Setting Aside BN – BR Rules 95, 18"; "Presenting A Creditor's Petition (CP) - Position Of Secured Creditor; Presenting A Petition On Behalf Of A Corporation; Show Cause By The Debtor Under Rule 117.  Power Of The Court To Enter Receiving Order (RO) And Adjudication Order (AO), Stay Or Dismiss CP.  Test Applicable In An Application To Stay Bankruptcy Proceedings"; "Effect Of RO - S 8 BA And Section 349 NLC. Rights Of A Secured Creditor After RO.