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[Event Report] Legal Research : Say No More to Amateur Techniques

Ever wish you were Mike Ross, or if minus the photographic memory, that you would possess the indispensable research skills of Rachel Zane? We all may have felt we have crashed into walls on some days doing research for our bosses and/or clients. Fret not, experienced lawyers and academicians across different specialisations were engaged by the KLBC Pupils Committee to give the pupils a helping hand via a very relevant Legal Research Workshop.   Tsu Sheng giving the welcoming speech Word had it that there was overwhelming response to this workshop and that seats were almost wholly filled on the second day of registration! The first half of the workshop comprised 2 sessions to cover areas such as research methods and resources and how to effectively use tools at hand. The second half of the workshop went further to guide pupils in the presentation of search results and concluded with a session to hear about research from a practitioner’s point of view. Dr P