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KLBC Activities Report For October 2021

  5 October 2021 SCHEMES OF ARRANGEMENT: RESCUE TOOL FOR DISTRESSED COMPANIES OR UNFAIR CRAMDOWN OF CREDITORS? Organised by the Professional Development Committee, this webinar was conducted by Lee Shih and Nathalie Ker. It was held via Zoom from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. We had 147 participants. 6 October 2021 BUYING AN AUCTION PROPERTY – LEGAL PRACTICALITIES & PITFALLS Organised by the Corporate & Conveyancing Practice Committee, this webinar was presented by Zemilah binti Mohd Noor and moderated by Michele Lau Kai Lee. It was held via Zoom from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. The webinar covered, amongst others, “What’s an Auction Property”; “Why Auction Property”; “Type of Auction”; “Type of legal documentation”; “Tips when buying an Auction Property“; and “The pitfalls of buying an Auction Property”. We had 134 participants. 8 October 2021 THE UNSPOKEN: UNCOMMON TRADITIONS OF THE BAR Organised by the Young Lawyers Committee, this Clubhouse session