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LexisNexis, KL Bar to hold charity treasure hunt

LEXISNEXIS and the Kuala Lumpur (KL) Bar Committee has once again joined forces to organise the third annual LexisNexis KL Bar Treasure Hunt to be held on Aug 9 in aid of two charity homes. The hunt will have two categories – the open category for the public and the close category for LexisNexis staff, Malaysian Bar members and sponsors. The open and close category fee per person is RM90 and RM70 respectively. This year's hunt is limited to 80 cars, five more than last year which saw 280 participants. LexisNexis general manager Phillip Karuppiah said the hunt is a popular sport especially among office workers and professionals as it challenges them to think out-of-the-box and enhances teamwork in a serious sense of fun. "From a business perspective, there is no better way for staff to interact and strengthen the relationship with the legal fraternity, which is a core client base of LexisNexis, an information solution company for four key markets – legal, corporate, government

KL/Selangor Bar Games

After almost a decade of dominance in this annual series between Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Bar games, by KL Bar, this year, Selangor manage to wrestle the Lall Singh Muker Challenge Trophy away from KL Bar. Hosted by Selangor Bar, the annual games saw quality competition and the usual banter and jokes amongst the 2 States. Congratulations to Selangor Bar!

LexisNexis-KL Bar Treasure Hunt 2008

The KL Bar Social, Arts and Culture Committee is once again co-organizing the annual LexisNexis - KL Bar Treasure Hunt. The event this year will be held on the 9th August 2008 covering an area within the Klang Valley. The organisers appeal to members of the Bar and pupils-in-chambers to participate in this event which offers prizes worth more than RM 20,000. The Hunt involves participants solving riddles and identifying “treasures” based on clues provided. All you need to do is to gather a team of 4 members (1 driver, 1 navigator and 2 “treasure-hunters”) to take part. You don’t have to be exceptionally smart – all you need is an IQ of a competent LLB graduate. That makes it so much easier doesn’t it? Useful tips will be given at a briefing session prior to the Hunt. All participants will be given a t-shirt, a bag of fantastic goodies and will be served mouth-watering high-tea at the prize-giving ceremony. Categories Open - members of the public Closed - members of the Malaysian Bar an