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Yes folks, it is that time of the year again. Once more, the KL Bar Young Lawyers Committee (YLC) is proud to showcase its annual Charity Night. We are taking a break from the usual KL Bar Idol and Battle of the Bands. I am happy to announce the theme for this year - “Legally Talented”! This year, on Friday, July 3 at Modestos at CapSquare we will have the good fortune of being entertained by 8 very promising talents. Yes, amongst us we have our own talented singers, bands and even pole dancers. Lawyers and friends of all walks of life and practice will come together to raise money for charity. Before I introduce the talents, let me say a few things about the charity that we have adopted this year. The Home that we have adopted this year is the Rumah Warga Emas NACSCOM in Setapak. It is a Home, which provides free accommodation to mainly old folks. Most if not all of the old folks in NASCOM do not have any dependents and were once homeless. Most of them are above 60 years old an


50 YEARS IN THE LAW: A CRITICAL SELF-ASSESSMENT THE HON JUSTICE MICHAEL KIRBY AC CMG** 50 YEARS In 1958, after two years of the combined Arts/Law course on the main campus of Sydney University , I began my legal studies. They were undertaken in a shabby collection of buildings that then formed the University of Sydney Law School. Sandstone was out. Large lecture halls in Phillip Street , in the legal precinct of Sydney , were in. The following year, 1959 was the first year of my articles of clerkship. Daily life settled into an orderly routine. During the day, I was 'instructing' counsel in trials before a wide range of courts. In the early morning and late afternoon, I would attend lectures and tutorials at the law school. It was in that year that my fellow student Murray Gleeson and I agreed to share lecture notes and the writing up of cases and research. Thus began a joint enterprise that was terminated by his retirement from judicial office in August 20