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300 kg on Earth Day

The Environmental Law Committee in Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee was re-named Environment & Humanities Committee (EHC) in 2009. As the new Committee was elected at the end of February, the EHC had to move quickly as 2 major environmental events were coming up, namely the Earth Hour on 28 th March and Earth Day on 22 nd April. Both events are annual events, with the former first held in 2007 at Sydney and the latter, celebrated every 22 nd April since 1970. The Earth Hour EHC issued a statement urging legal firms to take part in Earth Hour and more importantly, to take up the spirit of Earth Hour. The Earth Hour concept was to encourage awareness of the effect of electricity on the environment, and people were encouraged to switch off for one hour on that 28 th March 2009, between 8pm to 9pm. The EHC urged members of the Bar to use less electricity at their firms and if possible to switch off all electrical machines for at least an hour a day. Maybe not all machines,

Smashed at Court

On Saturday, 18 th April 2009, 18 men met at the Court to smash their way through. Another 6 men also were at Court to cross swords.   All geared up, more than 25 players turn up for KL Bar’s Badminton Carnival 2009 at the Badminton Stadium at Cheras that day.   Unfortunately there was insufficient entries to have a Ladies Double’s tournament, though a few ladies were present that day. Hopefully KL Bar can attract more lady players.   The Carnival itself was well received by the lawyers. Matches were competitive and interesting, but more importantly played in spirit of fairness and in proper sporting attitude.   The Men’s singles tourney, of 6 players, were divided into 2 groups, with players playing 2 matches each. The winner of each group advanced to the final.   The Doubles tournament was hotly contested with many quality games. 9 pairs fought it out in 3 groups, and each group winner advanced to the final round of 3 pairs. There, the 3 finalists played

Earth Day - 22/4/09

Dear Lawyers KLBC's Environmental & Humanities Committee  as part of our awareness campaign has organized a simple event for members to be able to be part of the Earth Day  Celebrations . Every 22nd April of the year, the world celebrate s  Earth Day.   The event was first celebrated  in   the  U nited states of America way back in 1970 and it is an event that  since    then   with rising awareness  Earth Day has been celebrated all over the world.   Over the coming months  The Environmental & Humanities Committee  will introduce a number of strategies  that  can be adopted by  lawyers and legal firms enabling them to  independently  act on reducing their  carbon footprint . [ Carbon footprint is generally measured by the amount of CO2 emission into the atmosphere].   The 1 st  of these strategies involves taking ownership of the waste that is produced individually or as a firm.  Whilst we encourage all of our members to recycle on that day, we shall also be  holding an &

Secretary's Journal (#2-09/10)

Dear Members KLBC sat for our 2nd meeting on 9th April 2009. We welcomed the 2 co-opted members, being Nurul and Janet Chai. Their presence will definitely be a boost to KLBC. At the last meeting we discussed on a few matters, and among the prominent issue was the new system in KL High Courts. Also discussed was the possibility of buying our own Building.  We will also be meeting the Chief Justice, Tan Sri Zaki this Tuesday on 14th April 2009. We have collated the issues to be raised, based on feedback we received from members, particularly from our Civil Court Liaison Committee and Criminal Practice Committee; and hope to raise them all with the CJ. We also agreed to alter the content of this Blog, wherein all updates will now be uploaded on KL Bar website only. We have engaged 2 vendors to look into our website with the eye to re-design the site. But till then, we hope you bear with the current old-fashion and archaic website. Back to this Blog, we have agreed to add contents ra

Secretary's Journal (#1-09/10)

Hello to all readers, particularly KL Bar members.  This is a new column for the Honorary Secretary to say a few words to our members, particularly to update members on the activities of KL Bar. I will also update members about our Accounts, and every now and then report about our Secretariat too. The Blog is almost a year old. It was an experiment last term, and whilst it has taken off, but I have to be honest, we expected the Blog to be better than what it is now. This term, since I am also the Chairperson of the Information Technology Committee, efforts will be made to improve this Blog. It is hoped that the Blog will eventually generate some advertising income which will go a long way to retain the current RM100 per year, membership subscription fee imposed on all KL Bar members.  The Chairperson of all Sub-Committees have been finalised, including the 2 new co-opt Committee Members, Puan Nurul Muhaniza and Ms Janet Chai.  The Sub-Committees and it's Chairpersons are:- 1.


THE KL BAR YOUNG LAWYERS COMMITTEE In collaboration with THE KL BAR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE brings you THE YOUNG LAWYERS LEGAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SPEED TRACK COURSE 2009 (“SPEEDTRACK LPMC”) AM I IN CONTROL OF MY PRACTICE OR DOES MY PRACTICE CONTROL ME? So you’re a young lawyer or a pupil-in-chambers. Have you ever asked yourself the above question? If you have, and you are still attempting to answer this question (honestly), read on. After being called to the Bar most young lawyers face the problem of managing their practice effectively. From being a wide-eyed pupil-in-chambers with no liability, to being a full fledged lawyer, a young lawyer dives into legal practice head first, sometimes acclimatising to practice instantly, most times struggling to get to the surface for air. In efforts to assist pupils-in-chambers and young lawyers settle into practice like ducks to water, the KL Bar Young Lawyers Committee, in collaboration with the KL Bar Practice Development