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KLBC Activities Report for July 2014

  4 July 2014 Meeting with the Director of the KL Courts This Meeting between the Director and Administrative Officers of the KL Courts and the KL Bar Civil Practice Committee (CvPC) was held at 2:45 pm at the Bilik Mesyuarat Anggerik, KL Court Complex. The CvPC was represented by HR Dipendra, Co-Chairperson of the CvPC and two other CvPC members namely Ajeet Kaur and Srividhya Ganapathy.  Amongst the issues raised at the meeting were, parking within the KL Court Complex by lawyers; security guards not allowing people entry into the KL Court Complex because of inappropriate dressing; taxis entering and dropping off passengers at the foyer; ramp at the right wing of the car park area; water wastage and broken taps/flushes in the bathrooms; reducing energy consumption; no smoking in the KL Court Complex; haphazard parking of motorcycles by runners;  and pupils who have not been “short-called” appearing in Court. 5 July 2014 Young Professionals Alliance Social Get Together Or

Take A Hike – Bukit Puchong

"The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain — he is inspired by it."  - William Arthur Ward - An inspiring bunch of individuals numbering close to 20 people took the challenge to hike the slightly challenging yet exciting hills of Puchong early Sunday morning of 15 June 2014. Packed with hand towels, water containers, proper hiking shoes and a positive soul, we took the hill with many other eager climbers. The trail starts with a 20 minute hike to the starting point. Here a slightly higher elevated surface proves for a slightly challenging hike to the entrance. To digress a little, a day before the hike, Alex Netto and Joshua Beni had hiked the trail in order to familiarise themselves with the trail and to keep an eye out for any slippery terrains, sudden drops or misleading tracks. Thus it was only natural for Alex Netto to have led the hike and for Joshua Beni to have been the sweeper on hike day. A brisk walk with the occasional spr