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KLBC Activities Report for October 2012

04 October 2012 PDC Seminar on Online Defamation Rishwant Singh from Messrs Zul Rafique & Partners presented the seminar which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 3.00pm. The seminar was attended by 39 participants and covered the following areas, "Online vs Traditional Defamation”, “Publication”, “Republication”, “The Cause of Action”, “Hyperlinks” and “Section 114 of the Evidence Act 1950”. 10 October 2012 Pupils Introduction Session Organised by the KL Bar Pupils Welfare Committee, the introduction session for October was held on 10 October 2012. The session, attended by 82 pupils, was led by Harleen Kaur (Leena) and Jason Kong. Pupils were briefed on the structure of the Malaysian Bar and the KL Bar, the election to both the Bar Council and the KL Bar Committee and highlights of the Malaysian Bar. It included a session for pupils to raise issues and problems faced by them during their period of pupillage and the Chairman and members of the KLBC were on hand to