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KLBC Activities Report for September 2015

3 September 2015 Pupils Introduction Session As a monthly tradition organised by the KLBC Pupils Committee, the Pupils Introduction Session for September was held on 3 September 2015. The session, attended by 79 pupils, was led by Shashi Devan. The purpose of the session is to introduce pupils to the structure of the Malaysian Bar and the Kuala Lumpur Bar, the election to both the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (KLBC) and the highlights of the Malaysian Bar. It included a session for pupils to raise issues and problems faced by them during their pupillage period and other members of the KLBC were also present to provide input and possible solutions. Like previous sessions, the pupils were also shown a video montage of the History of the Malaysian Bar. 7 September to 7 October 2015 Reading Materials for Sungai Buloh Prison The KLBC Criminal Practice Committee (CPC) launched a month-long campaign from 7 September to 7 October 2015 to collect reading materials in