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Legal Career Fair 2010

In 2009, 617 law graduates did their pupillage in various firms in Kuala Lumpur. There are about 2,061 legal firms in Kuala Lumpur. Many of these firms are constantly on the lookout for placement of new law graduates generally to start pupillage with them and to eventually serve the firm as qualified practitioners. The opportunity for legal firms to meet these potential law graduates and potential pupils and vice versa is limited. Hence, the Pupils’ Welfare Committee (PWC) is pleased to organise the 3rd Legal Career Fair to create this valuable platform for legal firms to meet potential candidates from the legal fraternity and vice versa. This Fair will be held on 9 January 2010 at the Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Local universities and private colleges have been invited to participate and attend the Fair. Entrance to the Fair is free and the hotel is easily accessible by public transport. There are ample parking within and around the hotel vicinity

Report on KL Bar Annual Dinner & Dance on 14.11.2009

1920s. As the theme ‘Reminiscing the 1920s’ was put forth by the KL Bar Social, Art and Culture Committee 2009, icons such as Al Capone and Dick Tracy came to mind immediately. Although it would be difficult, if not impossible, to locate even a member of the KL Bar born in that era, yet the members of the KL Bar did not disappoint the organisers by dressing up to the occasion. A few even came prepared with tommy guns (fake ones, obviously!). The KL Bar Annual Dinner and Dance 2009, themed ‘Reminiscing the 1920s’ was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Jalan Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur on 14 November 2009. The dinner was graced by, among others, the Right Honourable Tan Sri Arifin bin Zakaria , Chief Judge of the High Court in Malaya. Performing some famous scenes from the 1920s era as their opening act, the emcees for the night were Sri and Camilla. Entertaining the crowd were performances by entertainer provider, Fatty and Skinny Music, with their slick and mesmerising dances. Thro


Admission to the Bar in Kuala Lumpur 1 December - 12 December 2009 We congratulate and welcome the following members to the Bar:


Admission to the Bar in Kuala Lumpur 1 November - 30 November 2009 We congratulate and welcome the following members to the Bar:


Admission to the Bar in Kuala Lumpur 1 October - 31 October 2009 We congratulate and welcome the following members to the Bar:

Report on YLC Retreat on 21-22 November 2009

Members of the Young Lawyers’ Committee (YLC) (embarked) on a retreat at Cameron Highlands over the weekend of 21-22 November 2009. The highlight of the trip was the pow wow session on Saturday night, where we put our heads together to chart the direction of the YLC for the coming year. Among others, it was resolved that the YLC would take initiatives to address issues which concern young lawyers today. Among others, we would work towards asserting the needs of young lawyers, for example, for better working conditions. There was also discussion on how more active participation could be encouraged among all members of the YLC. Cameron Highlands was quite a place to unwind, a nice respite from the city and the gruelling reality of legal practice. Our first stop on Saturday was the strawberry farm where we had our hands at picking strawberries. Later that afternoon, back at the resort, the more adventurous among us embarked on the Jim Thompson trail. Jim Thompson is a man who is kno


Admission to the Bar in Kuala Lumpur 1 July - 30 September 2009 We congratulate and welcome the following members to the Bar:


Admission to the Bar in Kuala Lumpur 1 April - 31 June 2009 We congratulate and welcome the following members to the Bar:

LexisNexis - KL Bar Treasure Hunt 2009

More than 350 lawyers and corporate executives took part in the 4 th annual Motor Treasure Hunt organised by LexisNexis and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee. They prowled the streets of Kuala Lumpur on October 25 hunting for answers as they strived for prizes totaling more than RM20,000. Participating teams at the briefing before the flag-off Flag off by Chairman of Social, Art & Culture of KL Bar Committee, Janet Chai (on the right) and the Honorary Secretary of KL Bar Committee, Richard Wee (2 nd from right) Mr Phillip Karuppiah, Managing Director of LexisNexis Malaysia was keen for his staff to interact more closely with the legal fraternity. “LexisNexis is an information solutions company that serves the legal, corporate, government and academic markets,” said Phillip. “From a business perspective, there is no better way for our staff to interact and strengthen the relationship with the legal fraternity, which is a core client base of LexisNexis,” said Phillip. “After three

Bar Council - Employment Law Conference 2010

The Industrial Court Practice Committee of the Bar Council will hold its Biennial Conference on 27 & 28 January 2010 at the Prince Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur. The Conference, with the theme " Employment Law in the 21st Century: Challenges and New Horizons ", will cover a whole host of contemporary Employment Law issues. The Organising Committee will invite the Honourable Minister of Human Resources to deliver the keynote address. Prominent local and foreign speakers will be invited to speak on interesting topics, such as " The Frontiers of Labour Law Today (What's new in the Labour Law?) ", " Industrial Adjudication - Reforms and the Future of Industrial Tribunals ", " The Changing Face of Trade Unionism in the 21st Century " and " Terms and Conditions of Service - The Protection of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets ". The participation of foreign speakers (from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and


Schemes of Arrangement – Restructuring the debts of a financially distressed company By Lee Shih Part A. Introduction to Schemes of Arrangement Schemes of arrangement under section 176 of the Companies Act 1965 (“the Act”) may be used for a variety of purposes. The common use of such a scheme is the restructuring of the financial affairs of a company heavily burdened with debt. Section 176 of the Act provides a mechanism to facilitate a formal compromise which binds dissenting participants so long as agreement by the statutory majority has been achieved, and subject to the approval of the Court. This helps to overcome the impossibility or impracticability of obtaining unanimous consent of all the creditors to implement a debt restructuring scheme. This article sets out the law on schemes of arrangement. Part B. Restraining Order In the interim period between the proposal of a scheme (the details of which may not be completely finalised)