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KL Bar IT Law Forum - 12 November 2010

About four days before the Forum, KLBC received a letter from the Minister of Information Communications and Culture that he could not attend to officiate at the IT Law Forum after having accepted the invitation earlier on. Thankfully, the Deputy Minister, Dato’ Maglin Dennis D’Cruz graciously agreed to attend on behalf of the Minister and opened the Forum. The Deputy Minister gave a resounding speech, confirming that the Government of Malaysia is committed to transparency and Freedom of Speech on the Internet; but called for users to the responsible when using the same. About 100 people attended the Opening ceremony, held at the KDU Law S chool at their new 2 nd campus at Section 13, Petaling Jaya. With KDU recently upgraded to University College status, having the Forum there seemed apt, for the discussion that went on at the Forum was truly educational and informative. Three speakers spoke on the Censorship on Malaysian Internet and all three of them spoke against censorsh

Candidate Watch Campaign: The Answers!

As you all may be aware, the Kuala Lumpur Bar Young Lawyers Committee (“KLYLC”) had embarked on a new initiative for to the Bar Council Election 2011/2012, known as the ‘ Candidate Watch Campaign ’. The list of candidates was released by the Bar Council secretariat on 1 November 2010 and we have on the same day circulated a set of 7 questions to each of the candidates via email. The list of questions was also sent to the candidates via post and fax subsequently and each candidate was asked to respond by Friday, 12 November 2010 . To date, we have received replies from 18 candidates out of the 26 candidates vying for seats on the Council for the 2011/2012 term. Below are the replies from the candidates who have responded to the questions, reproduced in their original form ( i.e. no editing was carried out ). The KLYLC wishes to thank the candidates who have reverted to us for their time and for supporting the Candidate Watch Campaign. We hope that that this inaugural initiative woul

Invitation to Watch Harry Potter 7

Dear members of the Bar, The KL Bar Social, Arts and Culture Committee is organising a private screening of Harry Potter 7 . This invitation is open to all members as well as their families and friends. Details of the screening are as follows: Date : 18 November 2010 (Thursday) Time : 9.00pm Venue : GSC Pavillion Rate : RM13 for normal seats ([177] seats are up grabs) RM15 for twin seats ([24] seats are up for grabs) As places are limited, members are advised to purchase their tickets from the KL Bar Secretariat (Rajan @ 2693 3585) before 15 November 2010. We look forward to your attendance in watching one of the most anticipated 1 st half of the finale! Khaizan Sharizad Ab. Razak Chair KL Bar Social, Arts and Culture Committee 4 November 2010

Candidate Watch campaign: Know Your Candidates!

You have a say in determining who would be the decision-makers of the body governing our profession! Yes, it is once again the time for the Bar Council Elections and you, yes YOU will be electing the candidates vying for seats on the Council for the 2011/2012 term. This time around, there is a new reason for excitement. The Kuala Lumpur Bar Young Lawyers Committee (“KLYLC”) embarked on a new initiative called the ‘ Candidate Watch ’. Essentially, the ‘ Candidate Watch ’ campaign hopes to provide members of the Bar with the opportunity to know and understand the candidates that have offered themselves in the Elections, up-close and better. We understand that the Malaysian Bar, being a body that boasts a membership of approximately 13,000 members in strength, typically only received about 3,000 returned ballot papers. This translates to a mere 23% of the members of the Bar who actually exercise their right to vote – miserable figures indeed! One of the major reasons given for