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KLBC Activities Report for May 2015

7 May 2015 Pupils Introduction Session Organised by the KLBC Pupils Committee, the Pupils Introduction Session for May was held on 7 May 2015. The session, attended by 80 pupils, was led by Shashi Devan. Similarly like previous sessions, pupils were briefed on the structure of the Malaysian Bar and the Kuala Lumpur Bar, the election to both the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (KLBC) and the highlights of the Malaysian Bar. It included a session for pupils to raise issues and problems faced by them during their pupillage period and other members of the KLBC were also present to provide input and possible solutions. The pupils were also shown a video montage of the History of the Malaysian Bar. 8 May 2015 PDC Seminar on Equity & Trusts in Malaysia: Profits from Bribes and Construction Trusts - Personal or Proprietary Claims Organised by the KLBC Professional Development Committee (PDC), this seminar was presented by Harcharan Singh on 8 May 2015 at the

Annual Blood Donation Drive

The KLBC Social, Arts & Recreation Committee, in collaboration with Kelab Sukan Kebajikan dan Rekreasi Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur (KESMA) and with the assistance of the National Blood Bank, organised the Annual Blood Donation Drive on 27 May 2015. Held at Level 2 of the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex at Jalan Duta, this year’s Blood Donation Drive saw 113 people coming forward to support the event. Unfortunately, only 95 were eligible to donate with 18 being rejected for various reasons such as they were either underweight, having high blood pressure or low blood pressure or had lived in the United Kingdom from 1980 till 1996 or in Europe between 1980 until the present. A big thank you to the members of the Bar, Court staff and members of the public who nobly came forward to participate in this Blood Donation Drive. A total of 95 units of blood were collected from the caring donors. Thank you too to all those who assisted in making this event a success. Prepared by Secretaria

Kuala Lumpur Bar Grand Prix 2015

On 9 May 2015, the KLBC Social, Arts and Recreation Committee organised the Kuala Lumpur Bar Grand Prix 2015 at the Shah Alam Stadium Go Kart Circuit. A total of seven teams comprising four drivers each participated in this event. The Grand Prix commenced at 9:00 am with the Endurance Race where each team was required to complete as many laps as possible within 60 minutes and the top three teams would be declared winners. The top three winners were: 1. Racing Lawyer Team 1; 2. Shenanigans; and 3. Fast & Fabulous. The Grand Prix then continued with the Sprint Race where each team was required to designate a driver to participate in an eight lap race. The winners for the Sprint Race were: 1. Shenanigans; 2. Dare Devils; and 3. Fast & Fabulous. About 12:00 noon, the Chairperson of the KLBC Social, Arts and Recreation Committee presented trophies to the winners for both the Endurance Race and the Sprint Race. The event came to a close at about 12:

The Quest - Being a SkyWarrior

It first started as an idea by one of our Engineer members from the Young Professional Alliance (“YPA”)  namely Zhi Howe - the first activity in 2015 for the YPA would be the SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge (“ SkyWarrior ”) at the Skyrides Festivals Park in Putrajaya. After much discussion, the SkyWarrior activity was organised by the Nurses team and led by the ever capable Shobana.   The event was held on 23 May 2015 which saw the members of the YPA attempting the SkyWarrior. We were told that the record to beat would be 30 seconds (men category) and 90 seconds (women category). Strutting with confidence of beating the record, we stopped dead in our tracks when we saw the challenge before us. To those familiar with obstacle course competitions, the SkyWarrior is akin to American Warrior Ninja and Sasuke. We counted 8 obstacles to go through and any misstep will result in the participant falling into water. The obstacles were designed to test the ability to balance, to b