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Article: Understanding Arbitration

By J.R. Tey 1.       Alongside adjudication and mediation, arbitration has been an effective means to avoid taking your case to the level of litigation where legal procedures must be involved. When it comes to matters of the law, the utmost skill and attention need to be paid to the particulars of any case, especially those that involve disputes of any nature from straightforward to contentious ones and these are not to be compromised. At its core, arbitration is an alternative process to dispute resolution that is conducted outside of the courtroom. 2.       In Malaysia, it has been a myth that arbitration serves as a less time consuming and more cost effective means to settling a legal issue than those which would be employed if the matter were taken to court. This perception subsisted until quite recently the judiciary underwent a dramatic and historic reform under the leadership of the then Chief Justice Tun Zaki whom is a true believer of Magna Carta’s “ Justice Delayed

IT Tip for March 2013 - How to Create Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are an important protection to help you protect your data. Keys to password strength: length and complexity An ideal password is long and has letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers. • Whenever possible, use at least 8 characters or more. • The greater the variety of characters in your password, the better. • Use the entire keyboard, not just the letters and characters you use or see most often. Create a strong password you can remember  There are many ways to create a long, complex password. Here is one way that may make remembering it easier: Start with a sentence or two (about 10 words total). Think of something meaningful to you. For example take he following sentence: "Long and complex passwords are safest. I keep mine secret." (10 words) Turn this sentences into a row of letters. Use the first letter of each word. = lacpasikms (10 characters) Add complexity. Make only the letters in the first half of the alphabet uppercase.