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Monthly ITCC Tips - April 2012

Dropbox  Stop emailing documents to yourself, share large files and collaborate on work on the go! With Malaysia’s high internet penetration and improving bandwidth speeds, every citizen should be able to work away from home with the right tools at their fingertips. For better or worse, being stuck in a meeting, being out-station or waiting in court is now no excuse for not being able to handle any incoming matters. This article will serve up a taster of three loose categories of “freemium”* applications which enables you to access your files from any computer, share them with other devices/computers and collaborate easily with colleagues at little or no cost. Now, anybody can work away from the office. 1. Auto-Sync Folders First-off, there’s Dropbox. Imagine a folder which can be accessed by any device you have, be it your work to home computer (PC or Mac) or even your tablets/smartphones. You can even assign folders to be shared among your family or, in this

KLBC Activities Report for March 2012

08 March 2012 PDC Seminar on Preparation and Conducting Civil Trials Colin Andrew Pereira from Messrs Goh Wong Pereira and Sanjeev Kumar Rasiah from Messrs Sanjeev Kumar presented the seminar which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 3.00pm. The seminar was attended by 125 participants. The seminar covered the following Preliminaries: “Preparing Agreed Facts and Issues to be Tried”, “Preparing Summary of Case”, “Preparing Agreed Bundle of Documents” and “Preparing Witness Statements”. The following areas on Conducting a Trial were also covered: “Opening Speech”, “Examination In Chief”, “Cross Examination”, “Re-Examination” and “Evidential Issues”. 15 March 2012 Briefing of the MyForm system by the Wilayah Land Office The Wilayah Land Office had invited 10 Law Firms and the KL Bar Corporate and Conveyancing Practice Committee for a briefing and a trial run of the MyForm system on 15.03.2012 from 9.00am to 4.00pm. A full report will follow soon. 17 March 2012 P

KL-BARbarians Kick Start the Year at the 2012 Pesta Air Putrajaya

Having commenced training just shortly after the Chinese New Year break, the KL-BARbarians immediately went into competition mode to prepare for the 2012 Pesta Air Putrajaya which was held on 24 March 2012. Only eligible to compete in the Open category, the KL-BARbarians were drawn to race in a tough Heat 2 against the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM (A)), Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL (B)), the University Kuala Lumpur Dolphins, the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM (A)) and our friendly training neighbours, the Skrine Dragons. Things got even stickier as the team was missing their Captain for the weekend and sporting a new s teerer and drummer. Despite that, the team was excited to take on the first competition of the season. Our race was scheduled to be at 8.30am and everyone arrived bright and early at the grandstands of Putrajaya Watersports Complex at 7.30am to begin the pre-race preparations. Upon completion of the same, we found out that the organisers had altered the schedule of the day