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Report on NYLC-MCCHR Strategic Litigation Camp 2016 by Tiu Foo Woei

Pre-camp I was sponsored by the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (KLBC) for the Strategic Litigation Camp at Avillion Resort, Port Dickson which was held from 18 - 21 August 2016 after having come across the details on Facebook. Prior to the camp, I was assigned to a case study and a group of teammates with whom I worked together to prepare for a moot during the camp. My teammates were Nadra, Yeo Heng Hau, Emily Chong and Priscilla Chin. Emily kindly took on leadership of the team and set up a WhatsApp group for the team to prepare for the camp. We even met up at a cafe in PJ to discuss the assignment which was based on the Bersih T-shirt Ban. During the cafe meet-up, we got to know each other more and there was a fruitful discussion. The Camp Day 1 We arrived at the Resort to be briefed by the staff there on security issues as well as some ground rules. Khairil, the Chairperson, encouraged all participants to speak their mind and ideas in a respectful manner and not