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KL Legal Aid Centre goes online

KL Legal Aid Centre (KLLAC) launched its very own website on the 26th November 2008. The launch was held at the KLLAC room at the Duta Court Complex.  The launch saw the presence of Bar Council Officer Bearers and Senior Police Officers. Current National Legal Aid Committee of the Malaysian Bar, Cecil Rajendran officially launched the website and at the same time also officially declared the LAC room at the Duta Courts, officially open too. The LAC room is on Level 5 (Left Wing) of the Court Complex. Do visit the new KLLAC website at :-

Identity Theft - a real problem!

The IT Committee continues with its 2nd Forum as part of it's Law Awareness Programme. The recent Forum last Thursday on 20th November 2008, relates to Identity Theft in Cyber Space.  The Forum was attended by over 40 people, and had 3 enterprising and interesting Speakers. Deepak Pillai, a lawyer known for his knowledge in IT Laws set out the perimeters of the topic and went on to define Identity Theft before informing the floor of dangers of Identity Theft. His power point presentation was interesting and educational. Professor Abu Bakar Munir not only had a powerpoint presentation but even played a video about a few convicts in US, convicted of Identity Theft in the internet. The video was entertaining, and definitely made it easy for the audience to understand the problem at hand.  En Shamsul, the former Director in MCMC (Multimedia and Communication Commission of Malaysia) explained how MCMC keeps an eye on Identity Theft particularly websites which was set up to

Report on Technical Visit to Coastal Protection Sites in Port Dickson on 18.10.2008

Jointly organized by Kuala Lumpur Bar’s Environmental Law Committee and the Water Resources Technical Division, Institution of Engineers (“IEM”), Malaysia The technical visit was conducted by En. Nor Hisham Mohd Ghazali, Head of Planning, Coastal Protection, Jabatan Parit dan Saliran and was well attended by 7 members of Kuala Lumpur Bar and 2 registered non-members, together with 8 members of IEM. We departed by coach from IEM building in Petaling Jaya at 8.30 a.m. and completed the visit by 4 p.m. A.Bagan Pinang Beach We had an introduction and briefing session by En. Nor Hisham upon arrival at Bagan Pinang beach at 10.00 a.m. This is a beach fronting a food court and a dive shop with Avilion Hotel and Resort to the south (opposite Straits Malacca Hotel). Bagan Pinang suffered from erosion as a result of wave attack, i.e. the movement of material seawards, beginning from the dive shop and the food court to the chalets at Avilion Hotel & Resort. Measures to solve the p

Forum : Identity Theft in Cyber Space

In April 2008, the New Straits Times focus on this issue of Identity Theft in Cyber Space. IN UK, there is even a dedicated website for this IN US there are laws specifically dealing with this. A case on point is the case of Edward Anderton an American Ivy League graduate who was sentenced to a 4 year jail term for stealing identities and living a lavish live at other people's expense, of course. See link:-,2933,451944,00.html The Information Technology Law Committee of KL Bar views this problem to be a serious one. The upcoming Forum this Thursday is a platform to discuss this issue. The Forum will host 3 great speakers, and we hope as many people as possible will attend. Entrance is Free. We hope you would come attend the Forum. The r

Bar Council Elections 2009/2010

Dear KL Bar members, The Bar Council Election for 2009/2010 is on. The Ballots paper, we understand, is on the way to your address. We hope you will put in your vote. Exercise your democratic right to have people you feel can deliver and work, people who are honest and dedicated, people who will represent and defend you. Below are the photos of the candidate. Please visit the Malaysian Bar Website for more information. See Link:- All the best to the Candidates. Thank you. Regards, richard wee       Andrew Khoo Chin Hock   Azmi Bin Tan Sri Dr Moh Rais   Cecil Rajendra   Christopher Leong Sau Foo                     Colin Andrew Pereira   Dahlia Lee Wooi Mien   Dato' Haji Hamzah Bin Mohd Kassim   Dato' Muhammad Shafee Abdullah                     Dato' Hj Kuthubul Zaman Bin Bukhari   Edmund Bon Tai Soon   George Varughese   H.R. Dipendra          

The Forum on Blogging & Defamation Laws

Last Thursday the Information Technology Committee hosted its first Forum for the Term. It is part of our Legal awareness campaign which we hope will culminate into a Law Reform Unit.  The speakers were our very own Foong Cheng Leong, making his maiden appearance as a speaker in a Bar Forum. Next was Nizam Bashir who was so kind to travel all the way to KL from Melaka (on his own expenses) on our invitation to speak. The final speaker is Jeff Ooi. He needs no introduction. The 2 lawyer speakers were poignant and systematic. Their slide presentation was informative and interesting. There 100 odd people in the auditorium were clearly impressed.  When Jeff took the mike, the attendees were pretty keen to hear him speak. He was clearly the attraction for the night. But what he had to say, was well complimented by our 2 lawyers.  Basically the Forum speakers were clear on one point, that a Blogger is not free from the clutches of Defamation Laws. One must be prepared to face the conseq

The 3rd Young Professionals Night '08 on 15.11.2008

The 3rd Young Professionals Night '08 - a charity dinner jointly organised by the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society-Young Pharmacists Chapter and Young MAICSA Group in aid of MAKNA (National Cancer Council of Malaysia) - will be held at the Canopy Club, Setia Eco Park on 15 November 2008 (6.30pm – 11.00pm). Tickets are priced at RM50 and proceeds from the dinner will be channelled to MAKNA. Raffle tickets are sold at RM5 each and chances of winning prizes are increased with the number of raffle tickets you hold. So, come dressed in your sweetest or flashiest pink and white in tandem with the night's colour code to have fun with your fellow professionals. Do note that we have very limited tickets up for sale due to the ticket quota imposed on the various professional bodies. Hence do call up immediately and collect your tickets upon making payment on or before 7.11.2008 and they are sold on a first come first serve basis. For tickets and further enquiries, contact Melissa at