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Thursday, 11 January 2018

KLBC Activities Report for December 2017

6 December 2017
Pupils Introduction Session
A monthly tradition, the December’s Pupils Introduction Session was held on 6 December 2017. The session, attended by 83 pupils, was led by Alvin Oh. The purpose of the session is to introduce pupils to the structure of the Malaysian Bar and the Kuala Lumpur Bar, the election to both the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (“KLBC”) and the highlights of the Malaysian Bar. It included a session for pupils to raise issues and problems faced by them during their pupillage period. The other executive committee members of the KLBC were also present to provide input and possible solutions. As in previous sessions, the pupils were also shown a video montage of the History of the Malaysian Bar.

The first experimental module on “Diversity & Inclusion” as part of the monthly Pupils Introduction was launched at the December’s Pupils Introduction Session. It was felt that it is important for pupils to be able to understand and identify discrimination to be better able to relate with greater sensitivity with their peers, superiors and clients and for a better work environment. It is also hoped that deeper understanding of the intersectionality of discrimination and application of laws would also lead to improved legal services to clients.

This experimental session was led by Goh Siu Lin and Yu Ren Chung.

14 December 2017
Corporate Workshop for Pupils
The Pupils Committee organised a Corporate Workshop specifically for pupils on 14 December 2017 focusing primarily on the practical aspects of handling a brief covering the following areas, "Overview: Negotiation, Due Diligence and Drafting Process"; "Commercial Considerations"; "Practical Pointers including Common Mistakes when Drafting"; "Salient Clauses including Consideration, Conditions Precedent, Completion, Etc"; "Covenants and Warranties by both Vendors and Purchasers"; "Boiler Plate Clauses"; and "Remedies for Breach of Contract". 55 pupils attended the Workshop which was conducted by Sheba Gumis.

16 December 2017
Thayalan Memorial Cup 7-A-Side Football Tournament
Revived after a 11-year hiatus, the above tournament was held on 16 December 2017 at New Camp, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. A total of 14 teams (12 Men’s and 2 Women’s) participated in the event and the winners were:

Champion - Jingli Nona FC
1st Runner-up - Trialist
2nd Runner-up - Tangguh Sebentar FC
3rd Runner-up - Jamboo FC
Top scorer - Syafiq (Trialist)
Best player - Mohammad Hafiz bin Razman (Trialist)

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