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Monday, 1 June 2015

The Quest - Being a SkyWarrior

It first started as an idea by one of our Engineer members from the Young Professional Alliance (“YPA”)  namely Zhi Howe - the first activity in 2015 for the YPA would be the SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge (“SkyWarrior”) at the Skyrides Festivals Park in Putrajaya.

After much discussion, the SkyWarrior activity was organised by the Nurses team and led by the ever capable Shobana.  

The event was held on 23 May 2015 which saw the members of the YPA attempting the SkyWarrior. We were told that the record to beat would be 30 seconds (men category) and 90 seconds (women category). Strutting with confidence of beating the record, we stopped dead in our tracks when we saw the challenge before us.

To those familiar with obstacle course competitions, the SkyWarrior is akin to American Warrior Ninja and Sasuke. We counted 8 obstacles to go through and any misstep will result in the participant falling into water. The obstacles were designed to test the ability to balance, to be nimble, leg strength and upper body strength. Obstacles include running across a dangling log, swinging across with ropes and a single monkey bar. Each obstacle has its own name such as Cameron Web, Marudi Crossing and Kinabalu Ferrata.

We thought that there would be many participants. However, as it turned out, many came to watch participants attempt the challenge instead. The atmosphere was energetic as the audience would cheer on participants and give out a collective groan when a participant slipped and fell into the water. But when he or she climbed out of the water, the crowd would cheer and clap for the valiant attempt.    

Watching other participants take on the obstacles, it looked extremely doable. However, when we made our attempts, it was a completely different story. While body strength and agility plays a role, what we found interesting was it was also a challenge of the mind. The key was not to over-think. Many a times, it was forging ahead and trusting your body. It was when we started over thinking that we hesitated and when there was hesitation, one minute you’re standing to the cheers of the audience, the next you’re completely submerged in water.

Did we break the record? Not at all. Did we complete the SkyWarrior? Again, no. But we did have a great time, we managed to make new friends and I believe we learned about ourselves a little bit more.

Registration was only RM10.00 and you can make unlimited attempts. However, after 2 tries, this author found it physically tiring to try again.

Special thanks to Sasha Lian for being the photographer of the event.

The YPA will be organising another outing to the SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge soon. The next activity lined up is the Buka Puasa on 20 June 2015 and organised by the KLBC Young Lawyers Committee.  

Note: The Young Professional Alliance comprises young members of various professions such as engineers, pharmacists, architects, nurses, doctors and of course lawyers. If you are interested to be a part of this expanding alliance, feel free to contact Sasha Lian (sashalian.88@gmail.com), Dinesh Muthal (dinesh_muthal@hotmail.co.uk) or Dee Wei (deewei@gmail.com). 

Also do visit our KLBC Young Lawyers Committee Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KLYLC for upcoming events and further information.

By Choo Dee Wei

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