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Canopy Walk at FRIM on 30 November 2014

The trip to FRIM was a relaxed affair that happened on a beautiful Sunday morning. As many as 12 participants turned up at the entrance of FRIM at 9:30 am and we began our nature walk shortly thereafter. A few of the participants had packed some food for the picnic that was to be held after the walk, but most participants were keen to have the picnic before the walk. Our dear Chair, Shashi Devan however stated that the food would probably taste better after the walk. We agreed and lugged the food along.

The walk to the canopy bridge was of mixed terrain and after walking for about 0.5 kilometres with a gradient of approximately 7%, we trekked a short 0.5 kilometres to the canopy bridge. Nestled amongst the huge trees in the forest was the canopy walk. It looked safe. I, however, noticed a few participants cringing once they had gotten on the bridge. The walk was about 150 metres long with 4 crossed bridges. Midway through the third bridge, there was a beautiful view of KL city. However, as we were in the middle of the canopy, taking pictures was a big no-no. I guess for views like this, it is best to be experienced and not captured.

Upon completing the canopy walk, we started heading back down to our starting point. Along the way, we were quite fortunate to discover a waterfall which was not part of our hike. It was not a great fall, but the water was nevertheless clear and cold and welcoming. After a short stop at the waterfall, we proceeded to the cafĂ© in FRIM where we FINALLY had our picnic. I was pretty sure everyone was hungry by then, having walked for close to two hours, and the nasi lemak sure did hit the spot.   

The feedback received from the participants was encouraging.  Everyone enjoyed the hike and the canopy walk and we all agreed that it was a Sunday morning well spent. Shortly before 1:00 pm we all dispersed, but not before hints of the next outdoor activity was dropped. Do stay tuned for our next Pupils Committee’s event and let us help make your weekend an exciting one.

Written by: Shankar Govinth Balachandran