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Monday, 4 August 2014

Take A Hike – Bukit Puchong

"The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain — he is inspired by it."
 - William Arthur Ward -

An inspiring bunch of individuals numbering close to 20 people took the challenge to hike the slightly challenging yet exciting hills of Puchong early Sunday morning of 15 June 2014. Packed with hand towels, water containers, proper hiking shoes and a positive soul, we took the hill with many other eager climbers.

The trail starts with a 20 minute hike to the starting point. Here a slightly higher elevated surface proves for a slightly challenging hike to the entrance.

To digress a little, a day before the hike, Alex Netto and Joshua Beni had hiked the trail in order to familiarise themselves with the trail and to keep an eye out for any slippery terrains, sudden drops or misleading tracks. Thus it was only natural for Alex Netto to have led the hike and for Joshua Beni to have been the sweeper on hike day.

A brisk walk with the occasional sprinting was the group’s momentum. There was quite a number of tricky terrains with some taking us on a sharp incline and to then lead us down a rather long and windy decline.

 Again, to digress a little, Bukit Puchong earned its name due to its geographical location to the area of Puchong. A forest reserve which comes under the Forestry Department, its actual name is Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve. Bukit Puchong serves as an educational and research Forest for University Putra Malaysia or UPM for 80 years, thanks to a long term Agreement cast in stone between the Selangor State Government and UPM.

Back to the hike, after hiking for about 45 minutes, we took a 15-minute breather where selfies and group photos were in order.

We proceeded with the hike for another 75 minutes which then finally led us to the exit. It was truly a fun hike with an awesome group of individuals. We took in fresh air, broke sweat and made friends. All in all, this was sure to be the start to more hikes in the near future.

Contributed by Alex Anton Netto, Deputy Chair, KL Bar Social, Arts & Culture Committee

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