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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Saturday Morning Sweat: KL Bar Futsal Competition

Saturday June 28, 2014 morning was made interesting when members of the Bar decided to put on colourful jerseys for the second installation of the Annual KL Bar Futsal Competition. The gig which was held in Samba de Futsal Court, Petaling Jaya saw strong participation and support from the legal fraternity and improvements over the inaugural 2013 edition. 

The Annual KL Bar Futsal Competition was pioneered by Peter-Douglas Ling, Chairperson of the KL Bar Sports & Recreation Committee, last year in-line with the objective set by the Committee to promote sportsmanship among members of the Bar by organising various sports activities. Similar to last year, the well-ran competition was organised by a team of dedicated sports enthusiasts—Sri Sarguna Raj, Joshua Tay and Alwin Rajasurya who also took part in the competition.

This year, sixteen men’s teams and four ladies’ teams participated in the competition. The maximum number of teams was thus achieved and an unfortunate 17th men’s team that wanted to enter the competition had to be turned away.

The men’s category was divided into four groups where teams duked it out in a round robin and the top two teams from each group proceeded to the knockout rounds. The ladies’ category on the other hand saw all four teams playing against each other to determine their spots in the semi-finals of the competition. There was plenty of action in the group games and the usual argy-bargy moments in the men’s section. 

Team TTD Picnic A emerged as the 2nd KL Bar Futsal Competition men’s champion when they beat Victorious Secret 2-1 in an interesting Final resembling the Greek’s Battle of the Titans. Both teams were committed to attack but the speed of the attacks picked up after TTD Picnic A scored their first goal. The losing semifinalists were TTD Picnic B and CPD FC. Shahrir from team TTD Picnic A and Dave “Dead Eye” Singh from team Wakeel FC were joint top scorer of the competition while the goalkeeper of Victorious Secret, Tan Choon Keet, was voted  best player by the referees and organising committee.  This was rather ironic given that the matches were generally high scoring ones.

The ladies’ category was equally interesting as a deadly combination of poised yet strong moves were showcased throughout the game. The four teams that participated in this year’s competition were Quicksilver Kickers, Selamba FC, Flying Legalators and Chooitahs. For the ladies’ category, Sharon was named best player of the competition and Sayidah Izzati bagged the top scorer title after illustrating tremendous determination in the spirit of the game. Team Flying Legalators eventually won the competition after beating Quicksilver Kickers 1-0 in the final round of the ladies’ category. The standard of the ladies competition improved from last year’s.

All in all, the futsal competition saw great skills and passion (perhaps because of the World Cup fever) from all the participants alongside the inevitable muscular pains, ankle sprains and popped-out angular veins throughout the competition. No biting was reported. 

The KL Bar Sports & Recreation Committee thanks all the volunteers and participants for making this activity a successful and memorable one. 

Click here to view the photos. 

Contributed by Emellia Shariff

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