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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cycling Trip at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya

On Saturday, 31 May 2014, the KL Bar Pupils Welfare Committee (KLPWC) and the KL Bar Social, Arts & Culture Committee (KLSACC) organised a cycling trip at Taman Pertanian (Botanical Garden) Bukit Cahaya located in Shah Alam.

The organising committee was headed by Nur Khairunissa and assisted by Randy and Mervyn.

The day started with some of the participants gathering at McDonalds, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar between 6:00 am and 7:20 am to car pool to Bukit Cahaya.

At 7:20 am, five cars left with a total of 13 participants. We reached Bukit Cahaya at approximately 7:45 am.

We met up with the rest of the participants who had arrived earlier. Some participants arrived just before 8:30 am.

We had a total of 21 participants who joined us to conquer Bukit Cahaya by cycling. This was a milestone for the KLPWC this year as the turnout was extremely encouraging. 

The cycling adventure started off with a briefing by the KLPWC Chairperson, Shashi and an experienced cyclist and PWC member Kamal on the issue of safety, cleanliness and basic group cycling rules. 

The KLBC graciously donated one carton of Gatorade and this was distributed amongst the participants. 

At approximately 8:30 am, we entered into Bukit Cahaya and paid the entrance fee. Thereafter, the participants went straight to the cycling rental shed and selected their respective bicycles.

We cycled for more than an hour taking breaks in between to enjoy the scenery and take in loads of fresh air.

We returned the bicycles at 10:15 am and adjourned for drinks at the stall outside the entrance.

Participants again introduced themselves and we had a few laughs together before dispersing. 

Many thanks to all those who were part of the organising committee and the participants in making this activity a successful and memorable one. Feedback from the participants was very encouraging.

Contributed by Nur Khairunnisa and Shashi Devan

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