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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

KLBC Activities Report for October 2013

2 October 2013         
Workshop on Safer Malaysia – Living in Fear of Crime is not living
Jointly organised by the Bar Council Safer Malaysia Committee and the KL Bar Professional Development Committee, Richard Wee Thiam Seng and Sarah Kambali from Messrs Richard Wee & Yip presented the workshop which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 3:00 pm on 2 October 2013. The workshop was attended by 18 participants. The Workshop was a programme which gave its participants an overview/wake-up call about the elements that can be practised in everyday life towards a Safer Malaysia. The workshop started with a summary of the objectives of Safer Malaysia by Richard Wee. The workshop proper was conducted by Sarah Kambali where she spoke on the three essential concept of Crime Fighting; Vigilance, Deterrence and Prevention.  

4 October 2013
PDC/CCPC Seminar on Advanced Negotiation Skills
The KL Bar Corporate and Conveyancing Practice Committee and Professional Development Committee jointly presented a seminar by Amir Bahari on 4 October 2013 at 3:00 pm at the KL Bar Auditorium. This seminar was attended by 25 participants. The seminar covered the following areas, "Role Play", “Applying personality dynamics to your favour", "Handling ‘colourful’ negotiators regarding negotiation drives, questionable motives, non-Malaysian, other professionals, pressure points, problematic negotiators and angry negotiators”, "Laying Negotiation Traps" and "Avoiding Negotiation Traps".

4 October 2013
KL Bar Monthly Social Get-together
About 70 lawyers gathered at BAR 1981 @ Solaris Publika on 4 October 2013 for the October Social Get-together, the largest turnout thus far. Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the great camaraderie. The event that started at 7:30 pm, saw the crowd only parting at 2:00 am.

9 October 2013
Pupils Introduction Session
Organised by the KL Bar Pupils Welfare Committee, the introduction session for October was held on 9 October 2013. The session, attended by 77 pupils, was led by Ravin Singh. Pupils were briefed on the structure of the Malaysian Bar and the Kuala Lumpur Bar, the election to both the Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (“KLBC”) and the highlights of the Malaysian Bar. It included a session for pupils to raise issues and problems faced by them during their pupillage period and members of the KLBC were on hand to provide input and possible solutions. Amongst the issues raised by the pupils at this session were pupils having to handle despatch work, lack of communication between the KL Bar Secretariat and pupils on the Introduction Session, inconsistencies in the procedures pertaining to the filing forms at the KL Bar Secretariat and the Bar Council Secretariat and no rotation system being practised at the law firms during their pupillage period.

11 October 2013
Meeting with Pejabat Tanah dan Galian Selangor (PTGS)
This was the 2nd Meeting for the year between the PTGS Officers and representatives of Bar Council, Selangor Bar and the KL Bar Corporate and Conveyancing Practice Committee (CCPC). The CCPC was represented by Rita Sabrina and Suraya Ismail. The meeting mainly discussed the administrative issues of the Selangor Land Offices which included the issue of blanket consent, court order, submissions and extractions of documents. The PTGS also announced that their website had been updated and lawyers may now check the status of their presentations at their portal at http://strata.selangor.gov.my/ whilst for registration of titles, the status can be checked at  http://epungutan.selangor.gov.my/. A full report will follow soon.

16 October 2013
Meeting with RKKK Managing Judge
The KLBC together with its Pupils Welfare Committee met up with the Managing Judge of the RKKK and Commercial Courts at the KL Court on 16 October 2013 at 12.00 noon to address the issue of long dates for Admissions to the Bar. The KLBC requested for the meeting because of the huge backlog with pupils having to wait for up to three months before they could be admitted to the Bar. Some of the Judges of the Commercial Courts are now assisting to preside over Admissions to the Bar to overcome the backlog.

18 October 2013       
PDC Seminar on Tax Avoidance: Insights to the Legislative Provisions and Case Laws
Siti Fatimah Mohd Shahrom from Messrs Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill presented the seminar which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 3:00 pm on 18 October 2013. The seminar was attended by 18 participants. The seminar focused on the general anti-avoidance rule in Malaysia as contained in s140 of the Income Tax Act 1967.

22 October 2013       
PAC Seminar on Business Development for Law Firms
Mathew Thomas Philip from Messrs Thomas Philip presented the seminar which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 5:30 pm on 22 October 2013. The seminar was attended by 29 participants.

23 October 2013
PWC Civil Litigation Workshop for Pupils
The KL Bar Pupils Welfare Committee organised a civil litigation workshop specifically for pupils on 23 October 2013 focusing primarily on the practical aspects of handling a brief, covering the following areas, opinion writing exercise, drafting of pleadings exercise and presenting a case in Court. 50 pupils attended the workshop which was conducted by Colin Andrew Pereira and Sanjeev Kumar Rasiah.

24 October 2013       
PDC Seminar on Capital Allowance and Charges: A Holistic Perspective
Thenesh Kannaa presented the seminar which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 2:00 pm on 24 October 2013. The seminar was attended by 12 participants. The seminar covered the study of capital allowances and charges.

25 October 2013       
PDC Seminar on Domicile of the Parties in Family Law and Related Issues
Balwant Singh Sidhu from Messrs Balwant Singh Sidhu & Co. presented the seminar which was held at the KL Bar Auditorium at 3:00 pm on 25 October 2013. The seminar was attended by 35 participants. The seminar covered Section 48 of the Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) Act 1976 which limits the power of our Courts to grant a Decree of Divorce in cases where the domicile of the parties to the marriage at the time when the petition is presented is in Malaysia. The seminar also discussed the following cases: Charnley v. Charnley and Betty (1960) 1 MLJ 29; Re Bhagwan Singh (Dec'd) (1964) MLJ 360; Joseph Wong Phui Lun v. Yeah Loon Gait (1978) 1 MLJ 236; Melvin Lee Campbell v. Amy Anak Edward Sumek (1988) 2 MLJ 338; Tan Guan Hock v. Khor Chai Heah (1990) 1 MLJ 422 (S.C.) and  Ang Geck Choo v. Wong Tiew Yong (1997) 3 MLJ 467; (1997) 3 CLJ 201.

Edited by Jeremiah R. Gurusamy

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