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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sexual Harassment Awareness Series No. 4

Myth: Some people ask to be sexually harassed. They do this with how they dress, or how they act. They send "signals".

Reality: Being subjected to sexual harassment is a painful, difficult, and frequently traumatic experience. Defenses such as "she wore provocative clothes" and "she enjoyed it" are neither acceptable nor accurate.

Myth: If a person really wanted to discourage, or stop, sexual harassment, they could.

Reality: Often, the harasser is in a position to punish the recipient by withholding a promotion, giving a bad evaluation, or giving a low grade. In this society, men are known to rationalise their actions by saying that a women's "no" is really a "yes".  And often the harassment continues despite the victims's attempt to say "No" or stop the behaviour.

Myth: The seriousness of sexual harassment is exaggerated; most "harassment" is really minor, and involves harmless flirtation.

Reality: REAL sexual harassment can be devastating. Studies indicate that most harassment has nothing to do with flirtation or sincere sexual or social interest on the part of the perpetrators. Sexual harassment is largely about control, domination, and/or punishment.  Research shows that victims most often leave school or jobs to avoid harassment. Many experience serious psychological and health-related problems.  They may even be forced to relocate to other cities. 

Information courtesy of http://www.sexualharassmentsupport.org/ Copyright © Control

If you believe that you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace or in court, do not ignore the problem. Take action here.

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