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Friday, 10 August 2012

Criminal Advocacy from the Prosecutors’ Perspective on 05.07.2012

The Criminal Practice Committee ("CPC") had organised a talk on Criminal Advocacy from the Prosecutors’ Perspective, as one of its programmes to encourage more lawyers to practice Criminal Litigation and understand the same on Thursday, 05.07.2012 at 3.00pm at the KL Bar Auditorium.

The Talk was presented by a CPC member, En Shamsul Bin Sulaiman who is also a partner in Edlin Ghazaly and Associates. He shared his experience as a Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) with the 44 participants who attended the talk. The Talk was moderated by the CPC Chairperson, Mr Amrit Pal Singh.

Based from the evaluation form filled by the participants, the talk was quite well received.

The CPC would like to record its thanks and appreciation to En Shamsul Bin Sulaiman for coming forward and generously sharing his knowledge and experience with members of the Bar.

Prepared by Amrit Pal Singh,Chairperson, KL Bar Criminal Practice Committee

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