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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Exclusively for KL Bar Members

(Postscript : 5th January 2009 - Kindly take note the new advertisement above)

After months of administrative work plus negotiations with Hewlett Packard, the Information Technology Committee of KL Bar wish to announce to all KL Bar members, that you may purchase some IT related items from HP at a lower price. This deal is special only to KL Bar members.

At the moment, only these 3 items are part of this exclusive deal for KL Bar members. Perhaps in the future, HP may be inclined to offer more exclusive prices of other products to KL Bar members if this current promotion turns out to be well received.

HP has also agreed to place advertisements on our RELEVAN magazine, which will go some way to defray the cost of printing the magazine.

We urge you to grab this item quickly and call the number on the promotion advert above (please click on the advert above for better view of the deals). Kindly provide your full name and which firm you are practising at, and HP (through its appointed agent, Alphamatic System Sdn Bhd) will then confirm your membership with the KL Bar secretariat.


Richard Wee
Information Technology Committee


Mohamad Firdaus said...

Is it possible for chambering students to enjoy the same promotion?

Richard Wee said...

Hi Firdaus,

If you are a pupil in a firm in KL, yes.

richard wee